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  • Would Taylor Swift Swipe Right?

    May 26 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    Would Taylor Swift Swipe Right?

    I’m pretty sure if I used this as a pic on @tinder that @taylorswift would swipe right. Mostly because of how stretchy, breathable and durable my shorts are. Oh and because she can’t really see my fudged hair all that clearly.A man can dream baby! A man can dream.

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  • A Micro Adventure & A Llama Named Mark

    May 18 2020 – Dominic Abbott

    A Micro Adventure & A Llama Named Mark

    On the rare occasion Dominic convinces his wife into something that she actually likes. When this happens he is compelled to write a little inspiring poem about it. Have a little read... Fun and precious are the unexpected micro-adventures. A 10 mile bike ride out my front door is hardly what I would consider an “adventure.” It lacks the distance,...

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  • Brand Goals For KETL

    May 12 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    Brand Goals For KETL

    It really is incredible how a well intentioned company can have such a positive impact and influence on the world. Seeing brands like Patagonia make such great products at the same time as they bring light to their mission of saving the planet is inspiring as hell.I think the world simply needs more brands (and individuals) that have passion, an audience and...

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  • Being Outside

    May 06 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    Being Outside

    There are a lot of indescribable emotions attached to being outside. Doing things that fill you with adrenaline. Seeing landscapes that make you pause with a loss for words. Grinning ear to ear because you “almost” went over the bars but somehow didn’t. Or even wearing your shoes with no socks because you had to sacrifice those socks in an...

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  • What Truly Defines Your Character?

    May 04 2020 – Dominic Abbott

    What Truly Defines Your Character?

    It is what you do when no one is watching that truly defines your character.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀As I wrapped up my work day I was still craving something. I still felt unfulfilled. I had this feeling like I hadn’t fully gained everything out of the day that I wanted, needed, and craved. I typically cope with this feeling by getting outside and...

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  • We All Shine When We Are Having Fun

    May 04 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    We All Shine When We Are Having Fun

    We all shine when we are having fun. It's an outlet of no judgment, be it judgment from yourself or from others. Where you are truly you. Maybe we all need to find more ways to put ourselves in those situations. Situations where we can laugh, smile and enjoy. Pictured above is the bright smile of @zoltonator wearing our Ultralight SPF jersey....

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