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  • High Country in Silverton and Coors for Breakfast

    August 31 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    High Country in Silverton and Coors for Breakfast

    One time some fun having lady told us our gear looked rad. So we sent her a gift card and she did precisely what is intended to do in our gear. HAVE FUN! In the words of Avra herself: "Damn Ketl, had a ruckus of a weekend in style!! Took on the high country of Silverton, did a little backcountry...

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  • We Bribed Brisa With Free Gear...

    June 15 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    We Bribed Brisa With Free Gear...

    This is @brisalwhite. She likes to ride bikes, laugh a lot, drink @whiteclaw and simply have a ton of fun. We’ve been bribing her to do photoshoots with us in exchange for free gear. She exemplifies fun and positivity. We like that. She also rides her bike at 110% and has had 1, 2 or maybe 100+ good crashes. We commend your lack...

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  • A Micro Adventure & A Llama Named Mark

    May 18 2020 – Dominic Abbott

    A Micro Adventure & A Llama Named Mark

    On the rare occasion Dominic convinces his wife into something that she actually likes. When this happens he is compelled to write a little inspiring poem about it. Have a little read... Fun and precious are the unexpected micro-adventures. A 10 mile bike ride out my front door is hardly what I would consider an “adventure.” It lacks the distance,...

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  • The Many Ways to Have Fun

    May 11 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    The Many Ways to Have Fun

    So many ways to have fun in life. Here are some I was thinking about recently. Riding bikes during an epic sunset Yelling odd things out my window while taking a shower knowing if anyone heard me they would be extremely perplexed Skee-ball Annoying someone while they are trying to work Drinking a Spin Drift and burping Go have some...

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  • The Frigid Morning Air

    May 08 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    The Frigid Morning Air

    The frigid cold morning air still exists in Southern California! Which makes some quality riding pants and hoodie quite nice… Well that was a total lie. It's not cold here at all. At most it's brisk. Suck on that North Dakota!

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  • Being Outside

    May 06 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    Being Outside

    There are a lot of indescribable emotions attached to being outside. Doing things that fill you with adrenaline. Seeing landscapes that make you pause with a loss for words. Grinning ear to ear because you “almost” went over the bars but somehow didn’t. Or even wearing your shoes with no socks because you had to sacrifice those socks in an...

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