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Company Update June 2022: Building Venture Far and Laugh Hard - "They said this would be easy."

Company Update June 2022: Building Venture Far and Laugh Hard - "They said this would be easy."

Good day, 

As a seasonal “athlete” (I wouldn’t call myself that) I love to take advantage of what each season offers, mainly skiing and mountain biking. And, with the seasons changing, I’ve been stuck between them both.

What we are working on. 

No one said building an apparel brand would be easy. In fact, one of my mantras is, “nothing is easy, nothing is free.” Meaning you have to work for everything in life and pay for it too. :) 

One of the hiccups that we recently ran into with KETL is working through a miscommunication with the factory. We know our Virtue V1 Shorts came out a bit on the small side, even though reviews have shown that people love them. In order to solve this issue we have been working diligently with the factory to correct course…but somewhere in the piles of emails communication was dropped and the factory made another 3000 pairs of Virtue Shorts in the V1 sizing. We were dealt a decision to make. Do we put the factory on the hook for making the mistake and throw away 3000 pairs of shorts that are in perfect condition? Or, do we communicate with our customers how to appropriately buy the right size and fix the next run, saving 3000 pairs of shorts from the landfill? I’m pretty sure you know which route we chose. 

The apparel industry is infamous for how wasteful it can be, and we weren’t about to add to that waste. In fact, we are pretty pumped with how the Virtue 2.0 11-inch short turned out. The colors are what we wanted, the new G hook waist closure is more durable than the old button, they accommodate knee pads for mountain biking, and we are getting closer to the right sizing. ;) 

What we are up to. 

Hanging up the skis…but not after one last mission to summit the 14,179’ Mount Shasta in Northern California. This was my first 14er ski descent, and it was incredible! The mid-May conditions were absolutely perfect. 

Mt. Shasta

Now, on to mountain biking. 

As always, if you have any questions about KETL just shoot me an email at Yes, I read all my emails.  :) 

Connoisseur of many. Master of none. 



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