MTB Apparel

We've created a line of technical mountain bike apparel with the features and styles that we wanted. Our mission was to create MTB specific garments that look good on and off the bike, because there's no need to look like a power ranger when you hit up the brewery after your ride. 

Trending MTB Apparel

Wayward Top + Virtue Shorts

Build Your Kit

Discover the perfect MTB apparel combo with the Wayward MTB Jersey and Virtue Shorts, designed to elevate your mountain biking experience. The Wayward MTB Jersey features a lightweight, breathable fabric that wicks away moisture, ensuring you stay cool and dry on the trails. Its tailored fit and non-restrictive design provide optimal freedom of movement, letting you maneuver your bike with ease. Paired with the Virtue Shorts, which boast a stretchy, durable construction, you'll experience unmatched comfort and mobility. These shorts are specially crafted to withstand the demands of mountain biking, offering ample storage for your essentials and an adjustable waistband for a secure fit.

Canyon MTB Bib

At the core of any efficient mountain biking kit is a basic liner bib — our MTB bib is anything but basic. Crafted using lightweight, breathable materials, our Canyon Bib is designed to be worn under an overshort and provide just the right amount of compression without being constricting. The mesh back design keeps air moving and moisture at bay. Triple pockets provide ample space for your ride necessities like a water bottle, snacks, kazoos and tools while laying nicely over the waistband of your MTB shorts.

Seasonal MTB Socks

We set out to create a sock for just about every season - the Fairweather Sock, Warmwether Sock, and Coolweather Sock. All socks are constructed from a merino wool blend that do a great job of regulating temperature. All of our socks feature thoughtful cushioning and compression where it matters most. What are you waiting for, get those little piggies some socks.