Sun Protection (UPF) Apparel

Our objective in crafting sun protective apparel was to produce lightweight, breathable garments with enhanced UPF benefits. We eliminated extraneous features, focusing solely on essential elements. We realize that when wearing our apparel, you may experience a sensation akin to being naked in the desert - and that's intentional.

Nofry Sun Hoodie (UPF 30+)

Stay cool and protected from the sun's fiery wrath with our featherweight Nofry Sun Hoodie! Offering UPF 30+ sun protection, this hoodie is like a shady tree that goes wherever you go. Whether you're hiking in the desert, fishing on the lake, or wrestling bears (wait, what?), this hoodie has got you covered, literally and figuratively.

Nofry Tee (UPF 30+)

We created the Nofry UPF30+ Sun Shirt to protect your skin from harmful UV rays while ensuring you stay cool and comfortable, even in scorching conditions. The Nofry LS Sun Shirt is great for literally

Departed Featherweight Tee (UPF 30+)

We created the Departed Featherweight L/S Tee to pack well and protect your skin from those pesky rays. This super stretchy and ultra-soft fabric wicks moisture making it the perfect tee for hiking, backpacking, trail runs, and mountain bike rides.

Wayward Active Top (UPF 30+)

The Wayward Active Top is UPF30+ that was created for MTB riding, but really is suitable for any outdoor activity you find yourself in. It's durable enough to whomp in the bushes while being breathable and wicking away all that sweat of yours.

Vent Lightweight Pants

Say hello to the Vent Lightweight Pants, meticulously designed to pair perfectly with our sun protective tops. Boasting a stretchy waistband, sleek tapered fit, and ultra-lightweight, stretchy fabric, these pants provide unparalleled freedom of movement, complete with a crotch gusset to safeguard your most precious cargo. The Vent Lightweight Pants excel in breathability, swiftly wicking away moisture to keep you cool and dry during extreme sun exposure.

Vent Lightweight Shorts

The Vent Lightweight shorts are the ultimate adventure companion! These shorts are all about freedom: freedom to move with their stretchy waistband and lightweight material, and freedom from squished family jewels thanks to the crotch gusset. Stay cool and dry with their breathable, moisture-wicking design. Plus, with side and rear zipper pockets, your essentials are secure. Whether you're hiking, running, traveling, or just playing backgammon in the woods, these shorts have you covered.