About Us

(CrossFUNctional apparel) See what we did there :) 


We are nothing but a group of diverse personalities, genders, and races that are drawn together by the common bond of having fun.


The act of fun may be what binds us, but what invigorates us and sparks our curiosity is the search for what you do for fun. Whether this be fun had by biking with friends, trekking the tallest peak in your area, camping with friends, taking trains to unknown cities, sparking conversations with strangers, working to achieve your wildest of dreams and goals, crocheting with grandma, drinking whiskey with grandpa, eating rocky mountain oysters and drinking cocktails with your bae, dancing to live music until your legs go numb, traveling to new countries, learning new languages, getting lost because we spend too much time found, surfing during sunset, or what have you!  


We are in a constant pursuit of what you, I, and we (as humans) do for the love and enjoyment of pure fun. 


We want to live incredible, unordinary, exceptional lives filled with the most fun possible. 


We are completely amazed with how the act of having fun can transcend age, religion, culture, geography, and politics. And what impresses us even more is how the act of fun can bring us together in a way which melts away our differences. In fact, we believe that it's more important now, than ever before, for mankind to share in the acts of fun. 


We are but only one species with one world to call our home. And, we are only lucky enough to experience our short lives but for a fraction of time. So, why not have a little fun with it.


If we share nothing in common, but this idea of life should be filled with the most fun possible, then we have found our community.


Oh, and we happen to strive to make the best fitting, most comfortable, longest lasting, “non-power rangery”, mountain bike attire we possibly can. No exceptions. :)