The Design Process Behind the KETL Fairweather Gloves

The Design Process Behind the KETL Fairweather Gloves

When it came to designing our first pair of gloves since acquiring the brand, we set out to create a pair that balanced both breathability and durability. Something comfy and light but with a palm and craftsmanship that can withstand crashes. So many gloves on the market are flimsy, disposable, and useless after one dirt digger. Our MTB glove is meant to last.

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We'd like to think that these gloves are just the right glove for any handlebar. Durable & sturdy enough for a motocross rip, light & breathable enough for a mountain bike epic. Scope the features below for the KETL Fairweather glove.

-Lightweight breathable top fabric. Hands stay cool in the heat yet protected when you crash.

-Durable, protective palm & fingers.

-All fingers are touch screen compatible.

-Wrap-over fingertips - Seams in the right places, not the wrong ones.

-Microfleece thumb wipe for your phone / glasses.

-Slip-on cuff that fits snug & won't stretch out.

-Grippy index finger for maximum braking control.

-The perfect fit for when your hand is wrapped around a bar, not stretched straight out.

-Tailored to create less bunching in the palm. 

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Throw on a pair of our KETL Fairweather gloves and get out for a ride :)

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