A Micro Adventure & A Llama Named Mark

A Micro Adventure & A Llama Named Mark

On the rare occasion Dominic convinces his wife into something that she actually likes. When this happens he is compelled to write a little inspiring poem about it. Have a little read...

KETL Micro Adventure 1Fun and precious are the unexpected micro-adventures. A 10 mile bike ride out my front door is hardly what I would consider an “adventure.” It lacks the distance, planning, travel, and unknowns of a “proper adventure.” However, adventure is a matter of perspective in the eye of the adventurer. For instance, I convinced my wife to take a mellow 10 mile, sunset bike ride with me. The weather is changing, and warm summer nights are almost upon us. We slipped away on what we called, “Taco Tuesday Night Ride”.KETL Micro Adventure 2During our ride we encountered a llama, we named him mellow Mark. We were stunned by the warm setting sun. My wife, who rarely rides a mountain bike, got to feel the flow of singletrack. And, the birds bid us good evening along the river as we crossed a rickety old bridge. While not an adventure by many peoples standards, this moment was precious. Moments like these come and go in a flash. So be sure to savor them as you would tacos and beer." - @freshlikecherry

KETL Taco Tuesday

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