Brand Goals For KETL

Brand Goals For KETL

It really is incredible how a well intentioned company can have such a positive impact and influence on the world. Seeing brands like Patagonia make such great products at the same time as they bring light to their mission of saving the planet is inspiring as hell.KETL Lake TahoeI think the world simply needs more brands (and individuals) that have passion, an audience and great influence that use it all for good and not evil.KETL Lake TahoeWe hope to make KETL synonymous with having fun, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, filling your life with spontaneity and confidence. It sounds fluffy now but I think we can actually pull it off at scale with the right media over the next several decades. And we just know the world would be a better place if people had fun more often and had more confidence to live great lives.

So we’re going to try and make that happen.

Oh and that unreal tree is on the edge of Lake Tahoe. A place anyone could admire the natural beauty.

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