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Company Update. Building KETL

Company Update. Building KETL

Good day, 

The word “consistency” has popped up in my day to day life a lot lately. So, I figured I’d touch on that word. How it relates to what we are doing here at KETL. And, how it relates to me personally. 

What we are working on.

As some of you may know we only really started KETL a few years ago. The pandemic made for a slow start. We launched the brand with the Tomfoolery PantsVirtue ShortsWayward Jersey, and NoFry Sun Hoodie (FYI we just added a short sleeve and long sleeve version. Basically, like wearing air). 

We have since added dozens of new styles to the catalog, but just as important in my mind, we have iterated to make current products better. Mainly by listening to you, our customers, and all the feedback you have given us from fit (we added straight fits to all our pants) to small quality control issues. 

These last several months have been all about consistency. Consistency with producing quality products. Consistency with our  mission to weave more fun into the world. And, consistency with product innovation. Hint - a huge new line is coming in 2025.  

What we are up to. 

Being 7 months into fatherhood has got me thinking. A lot. Mainly about how I want to influence my son to live his best life. Yeah, I know. Deep thoughts for just 7 months in, but bear with me. 

In order to find out how I can impact my son through my actions, I’ve reflected on how my own father has impacted me through his actions. Which, if I had to sum up one trait that he possesses that has had the most profound impact on me: it would be his consistency. 

  • Consistent:
  • Demeanor 
  • Attitude 
  • Worth ethic
  • Fitness 

It’s this trait of consistency that allowed him to ride 70 miles with 3,800 feet of climbing at age 76! Surrounded by all five of his boys through the hills of central California. 

If you’re a father, how do you influence your kid(s) to live good lives? 

* I don’t ride road bikes often, but when I do it’s in our Alpine Dip-n-More boardshorts

I spent 3 days and 2 nights at a backcountry ski hut deep in the Sierra Nevada. Very few things in life are as rich as being disconnected from “reality”, surrounded by good friends who make you laugh until you cry, all while playing in the great outdoors.

A bit of inspiration. 

"The days can be easy if the years are consistent. You can write a book or get in shape or code a piece of software in 30 minutes per day. But the key is you can't miss a bunch of days." - James Clear

As always, if you have any questions about KETL just shoot me an email at Yes, I read all my emails.  :) 

Connoisseur of many. Master of none. 


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