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Learn, Laugh, Explore & More - October 1, 2021

Learn, Laugh, Explore & More - October 1, 2021

It may be taboo in daily life, but talking about poop is inevitable for any overnight hiker.

What Lewis & Clark Were Really Up To

Princeton University historians confirmed Thursday that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out on their legendary expedition mainly to justify the purchase of a lot of expensive camping equipment.

Golden Hours: Using Bikes and Photography to Meet Cancer On His Terms

"I wanted to document life and the thrills of adrenaline-fuelled exploration through photography, so that I could inspire myself to keep fighting during rougher times or while recovering from yet another bout of surgery."

An Ultrarunning Dad Reflects on What Really Matters Most

From being an out of shape cigarette enthusiast to an ultrarunning pro to influential athlete, Trevor Fuchs has had plenty of stations in life to ponder: Is this what it’s all about? Is this what matters? As a dad, he has his answer.

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