A Way To Have Fun

A Way To Have Fun: Backpacking the Eastern Sierra's

A Way To Have Fun: Backpacking the Eastern Sierra's

An excellent alternative to the close by, extremely busy Yosemite National Park, is the Hoover Wilderness. My wife, Judah (our dog), and I covered 25 miles in the Hoover Wilderness where we spent two nights stargazing, swimming in dozens of high alpine lakes, reading books, & soaking up the sun.

Finding solitude may sound like a strange way to describe having fun, but it’s only in solitude that I feel like I can reset to keep rocking. That’s why we headed to the unofficial backcountry capital of the Eastern Sierra Mountains, Bridgeport California for a 3 day backpacking trip. My KETL Nofry Sun Hoodie never came off during this excursion - it's the perfect garment for being out in the sun.

Bridgeport is a small town that lies at the base of the Sawtooth Range, which offers year round adventures from backcountry skiing & dogsledding, to big mountain climbing & boating. To get to this gem you must be committed as it’s about a 5 hour drive from both the Bay Area, CA & Los Angeles, CA.

After you completely exhaust yourself be sure to refuel with a craft beer from @big_meadow_brewing_395 & delicious BBQ from @growlerseatery

This post comes from Dominic (@freshlikecherry) on the KETL Mtn team.

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