• The Frigid Morning Air

    May 08 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    The Frigid Morning Air

    The frigid cold morning air still exists in Southern California! Which makes some quality riding pants and hoodie quite nice… Well that was a total lie. It's not cold here at all. At most it's brisk. Suck on that North Dakota!

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  • Being Outside

    May 06 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    Being Outside

    There are a lot of indescribable emotions attached to being outside. Doing things that fill you with adrenaline. Seeing landscapes that make you pause with a loss for words. Grinning ear to ear because you “almost” went over the bars but somehow didn’t. Or even wearing your shoes with no socks because you had to sacrifice those socks in an...

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  • We All Shine When We Are Having Fun

    May 04 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    We All Shine When We Are Having Fun

    We all shine when we are having fun. It's an outlet of no judgment, be it judgment from yourself or from others. Where you are truly you. Maybe we all need to find more ways to put ourselves in those situations. Situations where we can laugh, smile and enjoy. Pictured above is the bright smile of @zoltonator wearing our Ultralight SPF jersey....

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  • Get Out of Normality

    April 29 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    Get Out of Normality

    It's often not about the bike, the route, the gear, the miles traveled or elevation gained. It's about how all that and more combined creates an experience. How that experience is fun. How it leaves some cool photos in your phone, a story to tell and a feeling of happiness inside you. It's about that feeling of aw, like when...

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  • The Act of Having Fun

    April 29 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    The Act of Having Fun

    There is a lot of meaning behind the act of having fun. "Fun" is defined in so many different ways. It's dynamic. But all of them include a seemingly indescribable feeling that everyone craves. That feeling brings out the best in all of us. A feeling if we all had more of more often this world might just be a...

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  • KETL Mtn. Is Back!

    April 23 2020 – Jeff Cayley

    KETL Mtn. Is Back!

    KETL Mtn. is back! This brand was built by the amazing people @qualitybike and most notably by @lrickypips. Massive thank you to them for getting KETL Mtn. started! The baton has been passed to myself, @jeffcayley, and the kickass boys & girls at @worldwidecyclery. We have MASSIVE plans for this brand. Our goal is of course to continue creating excellent,...

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