The Act of Having Fun

The Act of Having Fun

There is a lot of meaning behind the act of having fun.

"Fun" is defined in so many different ways. It's dynamic. But all of them include a seemingly indescribable feeling that everyone craves.

That feeling brings out the best in all of us. A feeling if we all had more of more often this world might just be a smidge better. It's odd that experiencing this feeling is not socially pressured onto us like it is to eat healthy, exercise, hydrate, work hard etc.

Go have fun.

Pictured above is me, @jeffcayley having so much fun my tongue is falling out of my mouth 😛 and the pics below are our new fresh Merino blend socks with a little fun inspiration printed on them.

KETL Fairweather Merino Wool Socks

KETL Mtn. Fairweather Merino Wool Socks

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