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Packable/Versatile Men's Travel Pants & Hybrid Shorts

We're here to fuel your inner wanderer with top-notch, packable, and versatile travel garments that cater to your ever-changing escapades. Our collection of men's travel pants and hybrid shorts are designed for the modern-day adventurer, ensuring you're always ready to embark on a new quest and not look like a camp counselor.

Check out our top garments, crafted to make you feel like the ultimate trailblazer:

Tomfoolery Travel Pant - Unleash the globetrotter within with these game-changing travel pants. Lightweight, packable, and equipped with pockets galore, the Tomfoolery Travel Pant is your trusty sidekick for every escapade.

Vent Lightweight Active Pant - Calling all adrenaline junkies! The Vent Lightweight Active Pant is your passport to boundless mobility and breathability. Whether you're scaling mountains, conquering trails, or backpacking your heart out, these versatile pants have got you covered.

Virtue Hybrid Shorts - Who says you can't have it all? Meet the Virtue Hybrid Shorts, our go to short for any adventure. Their packable design and quick-drying fabric make them the perfect companion for sun-soaked missions or spontaneous beach getaways.

Vent Lightweight Shorts - These lightweight shorts are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. These super breathable shorts combine comfort and durability, making them ideal for hiking, trail running, traveling, or lounging around the house.